Engage Your Community With Your Art

drawing of a woman on a wooden table with many pencils and pens sitting in jars in the background

How do you engage your community with your art? Outside of the gallery setting you may need to get creative with your approach but the reward will be that you can engage people who wouldn't go to gallery exhibition because they don't have time or aren't comfortable at that type of event. I was fortunate enough to be invited to hold an event at a local arts and crafts shop that sell a wonderful array of illustrated books that are carefully curated by the owner.


One of the secret benefits of doing an event like this is that it can be very informal and casual - no need to be nervous which makes it easy to meet new friends, fans and patrons. We had a tonne of fun colouring at my event at Collage Collage. I made two sheets ispired by the illustrations in the book - one was for colouring and the other was an activity sheet below for "A Perfect Spy" where kids could draw what they thought was being being peered at through a pair of binoculars.

three photographs: a book, the front of a book store, and a bookshelf with books on it


Consider holding an event like this every once in a while - away from galleries and formalities! Bring your work to the community with an event or a project that includes people you may otherwise not have the chance to engage: new parents, children, and elderly people.

If you are ever in Vancouver BC Canada - check out Collage Collage which is located at 621 Kingsway and if you haven't been there yet - let me tell you, it's an awesome shop and not just for kids. They have a gallery of art prints and originals that will make you want to redecorate your life !

an illustration of a woman looking through binoculars. There is text that says a perfect spy written at the top.


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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