Curated Art Collection: Cold As Ice

abstract painting of white mountain tops and a geometric cube"Safe Keeping" Ricky Allman


Cozy-up with a cup of hot coco! Here it is - the long-awaited Curated Art Collection for this month. The theme is Cold As Ice and we are taking a look at some work that might make you shiver. I chose this theme because I  have a bit of an obsession with icebergs and have even included one of my own pieces in this collection.The work in this collection is from the following artists: Ricky AllmanLinda Dawn LangZachariah HayesRebecca ChaperonLois Dodd and Jenn Smith

painting of an iceberg with a rocky shore in the background"Journey" Linda Dawn Lang

photo-manipulated picture of a house"Fragmented ( Icicle)" Zachariah Hayes

close up of a water-color painting"Monochrome Iceberg #3" Rebecca Chaperon (me!)


abstract painting of a river in winterBy Lois Dodd

illustration of a cube with wires coming out of it"Fruit Cellar" Jenn Smith

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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