Women Art Wine: Hosting an Art Studio Visit

Rebecca Chaperon in her painting studio


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I recently had the pleasure of entertaining some guests from Women Art Wine, fantastic new organization that hosts studio visits with artists and helps connect female artists with female collectors. These types of groups are a phenomenal way to connect with people in the studio, giving them the opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable and casual setting. It is a remarkable way to have a direct connection with potential buyers minus the middleman.


"Intimate group visits to Vancouver galleries, museums and artists studios followed by discussions, networking and wine at local nearby restaurants. All gallery visits and vino discussions are organized and facilitated by an experienced art advisor who has ten years experience in the arts and has her Diploma in Art History from UBC. Private visits to galleries, museums and artists studios. Introductions to gallery owners and local artists. One-on-one art consultation to help advise on expanding one's art collection. One-on-one art consultation to help advise artists how to gain exposure." - www.womenartwine.com

After coming for a studio visit this group will go for a glass of wine to discuss the artwork. The leader can facilitate understanding of the art in a different way - away from the ears of the artist, the attendees can fully explore their opinions of the work, especially if they are considering purchasing a piece. 


Below is a photo taken after my studio visit at the local watering hole The Wallflower where the ladies reconvened to swap opinions and ideas of my work. They were each gifted a copy of my book and some small prints. Hosting this studio visit with the group's leader made the experience very pleasant & comfortable for all parties involved.


book on a table

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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