Back to the Drawing Board: 3 Reasons to Get Back Into Drawing

drawing of woman with big eyes and frizzy hair

An original drawing to be included in my Eerie Dearies Special Edition Book package.

As a painter I don't actually draw much but I'm going to be honest - I hit a wall and art creation of paintings has been happening at a slow pace. Well by slow I mean that there is a certain type of work I want to be making but that work in particular is developing SLOWLY. To remedy my impatience I'm going back to drawing. My situation aside though I think drawing is a great solutions for artists and here are 3 reasons to get back into drawing:


1. Diversity:


By including drawings in your body of work you diversify the range of products you offer. People love to see original drawings and compare and contrast to the rest of your body of work. Preliminary drawings for paintings can become quite collectible for your fans. Also, since drawings can be sold at a lower price point you can increases the size of your market for your work adding more potential revenue.


2. Selectivity:


Some artists are crazy prolific, pumping out tonnes of work and then selectivelyscrapping alot of it in a sort of editting process. Many of us just can't afford the luxury of wasting money on the materials to make a work that ends up in a scrap heap but this is an interesting creative process that is super fun to explore. And since paper and pencils are so cheap you can afford to try out this method of working without wasting paint or other expensive materials. Try it now - draw 20 things and scrap 10 of them : ) 


3. Speed:


They can be faster to execute. Not always of course! There are some artists who use drawing as their primary medium and create amazing and labour-intensive works but if it's not your primary medium you might have a less technical approach that allows you to be fast, loose and experimental. We tend to get very particular about how we create when we are using our primary medium wether it's printmaking, sculpture, painting etc. Drawing can be a great way to let loose - try it out now - create 5 drawings as fast as you can.

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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