Have A Digital Art Sale: But Remember These 4 Things

promotional image with two icebergs


Art sales can be underwhelming if you don't take an approach that accounts for the details. If an artists yells "Sale!" in the woods - will anyone hear it? Nope. Let's take into account a few important factors for you to check off before you announce your big sale. 


1. Is everything on sale or only select items - make this crystal clear or it may lead to awkward situations.


2. When does your sale end and begin? You can give people a heads up in advance so that they can be mentally prepared to take advantage of your sale. This is especially important to do if your sale is short - a week or less. Give them the heads up across all social media and email.


3. Do you have an ad combining text and a visual? Make a nice looking little ad using Pic Monkey (or any other visual editingsystem) . If you are having a long sale it might be nice to create a number of different ads that can be posted at intervals. Make sure to post your ad to all social media and send out an email announcement as well.


4. Are they saving a percentage or sale pricing per item? Obviously you will have to manage this in a way that works for you but try not to make it overly complicated! I am doing a free shipping sale on one type of item only so my ads can be simple and straight forward.



Written by: rebecca chaperon
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