Collaborating for Promotion of my Illustrated Book with Weekdays From Scratch

woman holding book in front of her face

I recently met up with my friend Sharilyn who writes the blog Weekdays From Scratch so I could give her one of my books to give away on her blog. We met at Nelson The Seagull Cafe which is a great place for coffee and fresh bread that you can watch them make. It was awesome to work with someone that I know so well, oh and relax with an almond milk latte at a super sweet cafe. Not too shabby. It's great to be able to promote each other by doing an event like this.


artist making a drawing inside a book


People entered to win a copy of the signed Eeries Dearies book (pictured above) on the Weekdays From Scratch blog: . We used a system called Rafflecopter to organize the give-away. It's super easy to use and keeps track of and publicizes the amount of people who enter the competition. Here are some useful tips if you want to look into using it for yourself: We ran the raffle for a week for a total of 86 entries!


I'd definately do it again! 

multiple photographs of a plant, coffee, a sewing machine and some shoes

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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