Illustrative Artworks by Joey Feldman

Today we are featuring the images of Joey Feldman, an artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Joey uses mixed media to create energetic, grotesque illustrative artworks.


drawing of two monsters2headsrbetterthen1, pen and ink on paper


His works are figurative, often featuring animals and people, drawn in a frenetic, cartoonish style. Joey utilizes line art to its fullest extent, allowing his sketchy, quick drawn lines to become part of the finished product, rather than merely an outline. Paint and ink splatters dot these artworks, giving me an impression of urgency and excitement in his pieces.


drawing of a creature with sharp teeth and big yellow eyesBadblueboy, archival print


Joey works on a small scale, producing works in ink, paint, and graphite on paper, as well as on a larger scale in the form of wall murals. His illustration has been featured in magazines, ad campaigns and motion pictures alike. View more frantic illustrations in Joey's online portfolio


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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