Featured Web Portfolio: David Maxim

David Maxim recieved his MA from UCLA and now lives and works in San Francisco. His web portfolio is large and varied, often featuring David's love of mountainous landscapes and the materiality of his various chosen media.


On one end of this spectrum is abstract paintings, which give me the impression of some underlying darkness, with thick, almost carelessly appled splatters of paint, and sinister-looking ojects constructed of wood and rope.


painting on wooden structure using white paint

Birth of the World


Yet in other areas of David's online portfolio I find rather charming works, like his series of dioramas featuring small plastic animals on painted backgrounds. These artworks seem quite comfortable walking the line between fine art and kitsch.


mixed media painting of a cougar and cliffs



This edge of humour is also seen in his Famous Dead Artists series, where he places portraits of the aformentioned artists in strange situations.

painting of two men with mountains in the backgroundLouise and Andy on a Sierra Trail

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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