Wood Sculptures of Andelko Oliveric

wave-like wood sculpture with a ball inside

Olive Wood Bowl


Currently working out of Oslo, Norway, Andelko Oliveric produces pieces of fluid woodwork that walk the line between fine art and industrial design. His website contains many examples of beautful and functional objects in the form of bowls and tables.


wood table sculpture with a ball on topOlive Wood Table

Andelko acquires all of the media he uses in his projects by himself, walking through the forest and collecting wood from dead tree stumps, or large branches that have fallen. I find it refreshing to know that Andelko thus gets the material for his wood sculptures in a more ethical manner.

handmade bowl made from wood

Mediterranean Oak Bowl

He tries to do as much as possible of the woodworking by hand, which leads to the gorgeous curves and smooth surface of his tables and bowls. Andelko believes that one of the most important features of his work is that it invites people to touch it. I know that I certainly want to, just from looking at these photos.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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