Fashion Photography: Jared S. Rosenbaum

photo of blond woman holding a glassUntitled

Check out some photos by Toronto-born photographer, Jared S. Rosenbaum. His photography ranges from modern fashion photography, to intimate model shoots and artistic, abstracted photographs.


photo of asian woman holding a knifeUntitled

While I can see the commercial fashion industry stylings present in his photographs, many of them also have a certain candid, almost unfinished feel, and portray everyday scenes.


There is something familiar about these photographs, unpolished, like the kind of photos I might take of a friend at a party. Jared currently does photography work for American Apparel. In his personal practice, Jared uses models and scenery alike in a way that is compelling and inviting.

tree with yellow tape wrapped around itUntitled


View more bold, unapologetic fashion photography on Jared's photography webpage.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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