Curated Art Collection: Strange Nature

purple tree painting using watercolour techniqueJanuary Morning, watercolour and gesso on paper, Agnes Friedlander

Today I have put togther a collection of artworks by various artists, all depicting nature in a way that is strange, bizarre, or just slightly off-kilter. Sometimes the image is an almost recognizable landscape, simply rendered in an interesting, unusual style, and other times the image leans closer to being more completely abstract.These paintings, drawings, and mixed media works range in style and mood from bright and incredibly colourful to dark, modestly lit and mysterious - two extremes that reflect the change from day to night.


Nature itself often comes in weird and wonderful forms, and, as hinted at by a few of these works, it may yet be even more unusual on other worlds or in other times. These examples of strange nature are brought to us by Linda Henningson, Robin Street-Morris, Agnes Friedlander, Marty Husted, Sylvia Fein, Kirsten Hatfield and Chris Price.


painting of ocean waves using bright colorsSeascape, mixed media, Marty Husted


painting of red drips on a background of cloudsChris Price


stylistic painting of animals and abstract shapes using dotsVerbena, acrylic on canvas, Linda Henningson

painting of organic coral-like shapes overlaid with geometric shapesKirsten Hatfield

artwork of rolling foothills in a dark styleSylvia Fein

painting of night sky looking up with some squares drawn on topLampless Bastions, mixed media, Robin Street-Morris

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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