Curated Art Collection: Three-Dimensional Art

twelve ceramic sculptures shaped like bottles with color patterns on themeHeather Dahl


In this collection of works, I decided to focus on Three-dimensional art - that is, sculptural works, pottery, and other art that goes beyond the canvas, paper, or mural wall. Some of the artists featured in this collection produce furniture and other functional objects such as vases, bowls , and dishes, as well as abstract and figurative scultptural work. These interesting, tactile artworks can easily be present in a gallery space, or in the home as something you would use and interact with everyday. Sculpture is a pretty well-known art form, but the pieces in this curated collection shows that craftwork and artisanal products can be fine art pieces as well.


wooden box made from maple and walnut woodKeepsake Box, maple and walnut wood, Madera Fina Studio Furniture


There is a lovely handmade feeling present in this pieces that really makes me want to hold them or at least see them in person - like you can see the care and patience that went into the making of each object. I have featured works by Bent Oaks Pottery, Elaine Clapper, Ken Vic, Enrique Morales, Heather Dahl, Russell Hackney, Debra Sloan and Veronica Aimone - all artists who are working with clay, wood, or metal to produce objects that invite the viewer to touch and experience them from all angles.


organic ceramic sculpture that looks like a sphere with a whole in the middleBent Oaks Pottery


porcelain vessel with a hare on itHare Vessel, Russel Hackney


wooden rocking chairChair #2: The Survivor, Ken Vick


stainless steel sculpture in arc shape with metal tubesDaily Balance,stainless steel, Veronica Aimone


clay sculpture of blue baby with spiky hairDaisy Head Baby, slip-cast clay, Debra Sloan


ceramic pots with lids and blue glazeLidded Pots, Elaine Clapper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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