Peaceful Drawings by Kelly Leichert

drawing of trees and hillsYellow Currents in Winter

Kelly Leichert produces drawings and paintings that I find calming and cheerful in their simplicity. Kelly's uses an almost naive-like style in some works, particularly his black and white ones, such as Happy Pike, that lends to the images the sense that the artist is truly enjoying their work - the kind of enjoyment that I might often see in children's drawings.


brush painting of a pikeHappy Pike

This is not to say, however, that Kelly is not a skilled artist. In his coloured works, his artistic talent shows through with intricate line art that is then overlayed with pale, earthy tones to create a work that is not obtrusive, but rather lets the viewer come to it, and enjoy it slowly and carefully. Kelly has shown in several galleries in the Regina, Saskatchewan area, and more of his peaceful drawings and paintings are available for viewing on her online portfolio.


painting of a berry bushBuffalo Berries in Winter

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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