Wildlife Paintings by Cheryl Gilarsky

Cheryl Gilarsky is a painter who focuses on wildlife and landscape scenery in her subject matter. Her painting style is interestingly varied, and can range from very tight, realistic brush work, to a colourful, almost expressionist-like style.

oil painting of water lillies. the background is dark blue and takes up most of the image. the lilies are white.Waterlillies, oil on canvas

Looking through Cheryl's online portfolio, I enjoy seeing this range of styles in action - her collection of wildlife paintings features the appearance of a moose in several different lightings and painting styles - from a sombre, serious portrait, to a fluid, brightly coloured Blue Moose.

abstract oil painting of a horse on canvas materialAbstract Horse, oil on canvas

Cheryl's love for her subject matter is clear in thoughout her work - no matter what stylistic choices she makes, there is a sense that she seeks to fully understand her subject matter though the act of painting it. This presence of mind is clear whether she is painting a city street, a portrait, or a wilderness scene. It shows in not only her fine art paintings, but in her commercial murals as well. 


oil painting of a cougar in tense poseCougar, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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