Delectable Food Photography by David Grenier

Today's featured artist is David Grenier. David has a significant culinary background, which, combined with a visual arts MFA, makes him a highly skilled food styllist. David's delectable food photography is the product of his strong visual sensibilities and his clear love of cooking.

food photography of french fries and red ketchupUntitled


The photographs on David's art portfolio website are polished and clean, and yet still maintain the idea that food itself isn't perfect. These aren't the pristine photos of fast food that I see so often in commercials - these are photographs of real food, made and presented with great affection.

food photography of bread, sausage, and dipUntitled


David's has an eye for making food look like something active, something that is felt, tasted and re-created again and again, rather than something sculptural and perfect. It is this knowledge of what food can and should be that makes these photographs so tantalizing.

David Grenier making a pieUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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