Costume Design by Kat Jeffery

drawing of woman wearing a dress with sketches of dress designs beside itRhoda Marley final dress


Our featured artist today, Kat Jeffery, uses her background in dance and stage performance to create costumes that are perfect fits for both performers and theatre sets.Trained as a dancer, an having garnered much experience on stage herself, Kat has an intricate understanding of how fabrics and outfits will move with a performer, and the sorts of effects that can be created.


four women walking towards the camera in a forestDesdancia film still


In Kat's online portfolio you can see her costume design in both the sketch and finished-product iterations. I find it really interesting to be able to see the original sketch of an costume next to the real thing.


Also interesting are the sketchbook pages that Kat has posted - looking through these is like looking right into the artist's thought process. These range stylistically from quick, loose sketches, to experiments with blind-contour drawing, and crosshatch-shaded landscape scenes. The diversity of these drawings emphasizes the diversity of Kat's entire practice - she is a costume designer, choreographer, traditional artist, and occasional photographer.


drawing of three characters in costumesPlaying with ideas: Costumes

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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