Vibrant Narrative Artworks: Cody Blomberg


photo artwork of backpacks with lights inside on a gallery wallGuiding Lights, installation

Our featured artist for today, Cody Blomberg, paints and creates mixed-media pieces with a love for performance and narrative. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, Cody has a background in theatre and performance. The artist’s theatrical nature shows through in much of his portfolio, which is filled with vibrant, narrative artworks.


oil painting of small yellow birds in a treeThirteen Singing Birds, oiil on canvas

His award-winning installation piece Stop Bullying Me!, which concerns bullying experienced by LGBTQ children and youth, uses the familiar imagery of backpacks in interesting and visually stimulating configurations, which I can see having great appeal to the artwork’s target audience.


Cody’s oil paintings are loose, with vibrant, almost exaggerated colours – particularly in his children’s paintings, as well as his wall murals for private and commercial clients.  Also available as part of Cody’s commercial oeuvre are his series of bird paintings, which he has distributed as prints mounted on plywood plaques, available in locally owned stores around the U.S.

man in front of three giraffe artworksMe & My Friends

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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