Paintings of Cloudscapes by Ian Fisher

oil painting of white clouds in a blue skyAtmosphere No. 38, oil on canvas

Today’s we a taking a look at the artwork of Ian Fisher. Ian was born in Nova Scotia and is currently located in Denver, Colorado. His artworks walk a delicate line between conventional realism and deeply conceptual.

charcoal drawing of a shirtless man wearing white shorts#19, charcoal on paper

I truly adore Ian’s oil paintings of cloudscapes, both from a purely aesthetic, and a critical standpoint. The decision to keep the focus of the works on the sky only, with no horizon line in sight, is a very interesting one, and allows the paintings to blossom as abstracts and colour studies rather than simple photorealistic images. The juxtaposition of dimensional shapes and flat cloud-shaped planes of colour makes these a great visual experience.


painting of clouds during sunset that shows a range of colorsAtmosphere No. 37, oil on canvas

Ian’s drawings showcase especially his skill at drawing realistically. Most of the figures in his drawings appear to be sketched from photos of people in the 1930s and 40’s, and in some cases, the same person as they appear in the present day. See more of Ian’s ambiguous, compelling work on his portfolio webpage.  

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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