Needle-felting is Super Cool!

photograph of an artwork on the wall with a mushroom felt sculpture in front
Here it is - my first try at needle-felting my own little sculpture! I really enjoyed the creative process of needle-felting as you are essentially poking a whisp of wool into a dense form. The more you poke - the denser it gets! I took a felting workshop at a local arts and crafts shop called Bird on a Wire and the instructor is the owner of Honey Canada felting.


I later made a little grassy felt hill for my mushroom and a tiny ghost.  It doesn't matter if you aren't keen on creating in three dimensions - this process is relatively simple and it's fairly easy to correct errors that you might make as well. 


It's inexpensive to start as all you need is a foam block, roving (wool) and a felting needle. The foam block  is the surface to work on. This is important since you don't want to poke yourself in the leg but also because the tip of the needle won't be dulled as it would with a hard surface. Roving is the form of wool often used for felting, it's in wispy folded strips that make it fairly easy to manage. The felting needle is barbed so that as you poke the wool is caught on the barbs and woven through the  form. 

a hand holding a needle with felt work


Below is a one of a kind art piece created by Caste Projects for their Tierkunde Felted Products which are made with alpaca wool. I really love this series of pieces as they use such natural colours for these animals and use a simplified form that makes them quite iconic and beautiful.

felt bear craft art


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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