Need An Archive For Your Artwork? I Thought So!

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Imagine having a database for your art and your clients that totaly sets you free and makes you feel like the ultimate art professional. I recently stumbled upon an interesting service that let's you do just that. It's not a social media platform but it's as easy to use as Facebook.

It's called Artwork Archive. If you think the name is straightforward and simple - it's a good indication of the easy service that they provide for artists.


Artwork Archive let's you designate location for different pieces of art so that you have a record of which gallery has which piece. This system also offers special reporting on data such as inventory count at different locations and allows you to graph sales.  Within Artwork Archive you can also generate consignment sheets for your galleries, invoices and print portfolio pages for marketing purposes. 


You can try out this service for free with 2 locations and ten pieces of art. I thought I would give it a try since I am shipping work to two out-of-town galleries in the next couple of months and so far I really like what I see. 


I think you could create your own data base on your computer but i really like that this info is accessible from my smart phone or any other computer since it's stored in the cloud and backed up daily by them. I think it's super cool : )


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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