Front-loading Frames: Perfectly Modern Finishing Touch

painting of black geometric shape in a rainbow winter scene


I recently framed some work for an upcoming art show in L.A. . The work is rather modern feeling and has great geometric elements which lends itself well to a simple frame rather than an ornate one (in my humble opinion). The pieces are on canvas so I decided to use a front-loading frame - which means that the art is dropped in through the hole at the front of the frame rather than through the back. 


This means that you can see all the way to the edge of the painting since none of the image is hidden by a quarter inch "lip" of frame. The frame for the large piece above was custom made in raw wood so that I could paint it. I had a grey frame in mind since completing the piece and I think it was the right choice. The light grey frame contrasts nicely with the rainbow-hued scene within! If you paint your frame remember to varnish it also : )


Below are two smaller pieces that I framed for the same show. For these I went for a pre-cut (standard size) white front-loading frames. These art pieces were only 8" x 10" so it was easy to find a perfectly sized frame for them. The white colour of the frame adds more bulk to these small pieces without overpowering the images the way a dark frame would have. 


Voila! Ready to sell!

small painting of a black shape with confetti in the foreground

painting of winter scene with purple geometric shape in the middle surrounded by confetti

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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