4 Bonuses of Developing Different Bodies of Art Work

photograph of an apple and orange that has text overlaid that says creating variety

Some artists shy away from creating distinct bodies of work. Worried that their fans may get confused or that they won't seem consistent. As artists we are born to explore, so why not develop a variety of methods and mediums within your practice? Here are 4 bonuses of developing different bodies of artwork within your art practice.


1. The freedom of exploration and experimentation. You can try switching to a different medium (painting, 3-d, drawing, printmaking) or developing different styles ( abstract, figurative, text ). 


2. Galleries are going to have more to select from. Within multiple bodies of work they will have an easier time find work that is the right fit for their business.


3. You are offering a new way for people, including yourself, to talk about your work. They can draw comparisons and choose favourites with ease. Introducing people to your work you can easily talk about how these different bodies of work stand apart from each other or how they contain a similar thread that is a common underlying essence within your work.


4. From a sales perspective this may allow you to create work at different price points. My work on paper is more affordable than work on canvas which offers a nice option to those on a budget.

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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