Natural Forms for Public Art: Katrina Alexy


painting of several circle shaped with a chicken on topmixed media

Katrina Alexy produces work that stands in a space between public art, and art for the gallery space – all while asking the viewer what exactly the difference is between public art and “private” art.

two sculptures of birds nests made from woodSuspended Nest, found wood

Katrina employs many different techniques in her work. On her website you can find examples of painting, collage, and sculpture. Much of Katrina’s work focuses on natural forms for public art – eggs, seeds, stone, and because of the outdoor placement of much of her work it also interacts with a natural environment, adding a layer of interest to the motifs.


Katrina has a lot of experience teaching art as well, and I particularly enjoy the pieces that she created for the doorways at Pilgrim School in Los Angeles, California. These works of art double as functional signage, and I love the tension between public and private that occurs in having them placed in a school.


poster on a wall of a human body and mechanic shape on the head. Standing on top of egg shape with a chicken to the left.Fab Lab, wall signage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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