Soft Realistic Portraits: Claudette Webb

realistic painting of red haired woman holder a black catLisa and Bo, oil

Today we’re looking at the portfolio of Claudette Webb. Claudette is an artist currently living and working in Hunstville, Alabama. In her art she uses oil paints, as well as pencil crayons to create soft realistic portraits of people in their day-to-day lives.


The style that Claudette uses lends to her work an interesting tension between photorealism, and a softer, more lenient way of painting. The result is paintings and drawings that convincingly capture their subjects, while still allowing the viewer to appreciate the materiality of the paint. While her paintings generally focus on a single model, some works feature animals, or crowd scenes.  

realistic painting of woman and children look up at some balloonsMall Scene, oil on masonite panel

Claudette also creates detailed black and white drawings in graphite pencil. These images showcase her great attention to detail, and skill in rendering often tricky subjects like fabrics and hair. Look through Claudette’s portolfio for more detailed portraiture.  

realistic pencil drawing of a cat on a couchJinx, prismacolour pencil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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