Humans and Natural Spaces by Caro Wilson

ring of tree trunk made with inkUntitled, bitmapped ink and graphite

Caro Wilson, our featured artist for today, was born in Calgary, Albert, and is now located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Caro’s work brings together images of people and images of nature.


I am particularly taken by the motif of the rings of a tree trunk that appears consistently in Caro’s work. In her For[face]ests series,  she has created portraits in which the face is obscured, and almost merged with the image of a cut view of a tree trunk. These images, and others like them, raise questions about the identity of living things, and the change that occurs with the passage of time in people and forests alike.


drawing on wood of two people and tree rings overlaidBecause it's There, burnt pine

Caro works in a variety of media including drawing, printmaking, and photography. With traditional work in conjunction with her photographs, she captures a well rounded image of an interaction between humans and natural spaces. Enjoy the view on Caro’s website,


photograph of woman in snow with sun behind. She is wearing a red jacket.Untitled, 35mm

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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