Psychedelic Artworks by Paul DEO

drawing of african american couple getting marriedMartin Loves Coretta

This day’s featured artist is Paul Deo – his psychedelic artworks often use a combination of digital and traditional media, revealing a skewed and somehow magical vision of reality that seems to contain countless possible narratives.  


mural of a three with symbolic characters1 World Unity, mural

Paul’s works often come from a place of mythology, combining motifs and styles of almost religious art, with new, dreamlike scenarios rife with open-ended interpretation.


I find Paul’s technique very interesting, particularly the way he blends a clear, realistic, hard-lined style with blurred, ethereal shapes and clouds of colour. The combination of the two is sometimes effective and sometimes jarring. In his artist’s statement on his artist website, Paul makes mention of his studies in astrophysics and astronomy. He certainly seems to be addressing the mysteries of the universe in his works.


energetic painting of jazz artistWeezy Armstrong

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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