Comic Book Artwork by Chad Hardin

illustration of woman in a graveyardCreepy (Promotional)

Chad Hardin, our featured artist for the day, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and now lives in Utah. He spent some time as an illustrator for a video game company, before deciding to start pursuing a career as a comic artist. His portfolio is filled with gorgeous comic book artwork – images that are incredibly and realistically detailed, but with the action-packed, dramatically lit style of modern superhero comics and graphic novels.  His characters are imbued with a remarkable sense of movement.

illustration of spidermanAmazing Spider-Man Digital: invisible pg. 1

I find it interesting to look at Chad’s cover art and sequential work compared to his life drawings. The latter are equally “life-like,” but are somehow calmer, and manage to focus intently on a single individual (or animal,) giving a strong sense of both visual and conceptual depth.  

nice drawing of yellow catMorris, watercolour


When he is not working on his own comics, Chad also teaches the next generation of comic and videogame artists – he devotes a section of his website to example works from his students.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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