Studio Sundays: Sculptor Aaron Curry

artist studio with large red paintings on the walls
Aaron Curry is a sculptor from Texas who uses plywood, metal, spray paint and other materials to create large, anthropomorphic forms that seem to change depending on the angle they are seen from.  His studio space, located in a large warehouse in Los Angeles, California, must be big enough to accommodate many of these forms along the walls, as well as work tables stuffed full of paint and other supplies.


A recent motif in Curry’s practice has been to cover the walls of the space in which he is exhibiting with a repetitive pattern of images – I was lucky enough to see one show where he created panels of a hand-drawn water droplet pattern and installed them like wallpaper from floor to ceiling. These water droplets were produced digitally, and so Curry’s studio practice must incorporate computers, as well as his traditional sculpture warehouse.


Curry has professed his admiration of Picasso, and this is evident in many of his works – the intersecting shapes that comprise his sculptures are reminiscent of forms seen in many of Picasso’s abstract paintings. I find that Curry's sculptures are like three-dimensional Picassos - where the strange angles and overlapping shapes are made all the more interesting by their existence as a multi-sided form.


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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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