Sculpture Utilizing Found Objects: Susan Parrish

a small humanoid figure composed of various household objectsMr. Twinings, Always on Time for Work, found objects

Susan Parrish is our featured artist for the day! Trained as a potter, Susan created functional pieces of ceramic work for many years before deciding use her skills for pure art. She now creates eclectic works of sculpture utilizing found objects and a diverse range of materials.


A sculpture made of found objects, shaped like a cartoonish human headThe Politicians: Crockpot, mixed media

Her charming series of abstracted busts use the form and shape of classical sculptures of the head and shoulders of a subject, remolding the idea of these sculptures into something more playful. I like the way these sculptures appear almost totally abstract at first glance, and yet take on human appearances and personalities given a second look. The objects that they are composed of, along with clever descriptions that treat each bust as a sentient individual, help the viewer to become enamored with these sculptures in a way that wouldn’t be possible if they were merely objects.


A pair of earrings made out of two bottle capsEarrings, Sterling Silver Earwires, mixed media

Susan’s gallery at is filled with more examples of the artist’s work, including teapots, jewelry, and “teabots.”

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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