Stylized Trees: Mixed-Media Works by Mindy Harrell

Four large paintings of trees with orange and brown coloursTree Series grouping of 4

Mindy Harrell is an artist from Georgia who focuses on trees as a motif and subject in much of her work. These works are of heavily stylized trees, but keep the basic upright form of tree trunks, which I find lends them the feeling of forests seen through thick mist or fog.


An abstracted painting of birch trees in neutral coloursTree Series 020613

While the basis of her artwork is paint, sometimes Mindy incorporates other materials and objects into the works, giving texture and dimension to her otherwise even surfaces. In one work, for example, she uses small pieces of glass to represent the leaves of a tree. Other works have sculpted elements as part of the surface.


In her biography on her website – – ( made with Artist Run Website )Mindy talks about how she sees trees as a safe, spiritual place. This ideal definitely comes through in her work, and it is clear that this artist wants her viewers to likewise discover the appeal of trees.


Painting of a pelican floating in waterPelican

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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