Whimsical Murals and Powerful Paintings by Grace Ann Piano

A painting of a Sudanese woman holding a babySudanese, oil on canvas

Grace-Anne Piano came to art after a previous career in engineering and business. Her whimsical murals and powerful paintings can be found in a variety of public and private spaces.


A wall mural in a hair salon, depicting a woman with long, flowing hairUntitled wall mural

Grace’s style produces colourful paintings, full of movement themselves, as well as sculptural and large-scale public installations – for example, a parade float. There is something about Grace’s work that I find very approachable, and it is this quality that makes her such a success designing and painting wall murals and other decoration for spaces ranging from restaurants and hotels, to offices and private homes.


A screen capture of Grace Ann Piano's websitePortraits on Grace Ann Piano's portfolio site


A portrait of a young woman from the Brazilian rainforestGirl from Brazilian Rainforest, oil on canvas

Especially interesting is Grace’s work with portraiture – her gallery of original paintings showcases a series of wonderfully expressive faces, often belonging to aboriginal people of many different cultures and ethnicities. Grace’s work shows a clear love and care for her subject matter, be that person, animal, or social idea.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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