Expansive Landscapes: Paintings by Frank Kusch

A painting of waves crashing in the oceanStorm Brewing, acrylic on canvas

Frank Kusch is a Canadian painter who works with both oil and acrylic paints. His works tend to be expansive landscapes, both of earthly scenes, and in some of his work, vast areas of outer space.


A painting of the bare trees silhouetted in mistA Liturgy of Trees, acrylic on canvas


The front page of Frank Kusch's art websitewww.frankkusch.com

Frank paints in an almost impressionist style, with quick, small brushstrokes that blend together and express movement over large spaces. His abstract works exemplify this movement by focusing on just these large waves of paint. Other examples of this technique put to good use are in Frank’s Dark Water series, where he paints the movement of water – images include crashing waves as well as calmer bodies of water, reflecting sunlight in each mark of paint. I also enjoy his Raven Trees series, where paintings of misty woods create a moody, mysterious atmosphere.


A tryptich of a nebula in outer spaceNebulous, acrylic on canvas

Frank also delves into portraiture on his gallery webpage, combining movement filled, abstract backgrounds with simple yet realistic portraiture that captures the nature of his subjects.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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