Absurd Photo Manipulations by Adam Mayster

A photo of a coastal cliff with the colours digitally editedCave 7

Adam Mayster, our featured artist for today, is an artist who works in many different mediums, but is most recently taken with digitally manipulating photographs to create strange and absurd photo manipulations.


A photo of a jellyfish with digitally edited colours, black and tealJelly in Space 3


The Flower Gallery on Adam Mayster's websiteThe Flower Gallery on theabsurdart.com

In many of his works, Adam uses computer technology to alter the colours of a digital image, producing pictures where the original subject is obscured and skewed by intense, oversaturated colours. In others, he uses a similar method to adjust the contrast and bring the shadows of an object to the forefront. While he always starts with a photo of an object or scene, in most cases the object becomes unrecognizable by the end of his process, leaving only an abstraction of a photograph behind.


A photo of undersea life, digitally edited to look abstractWaterworld 3


I enjoy Adam’s sketchbook gallery on his website, www.theabsurdart.com, where he takes photos of drawings that he has made and manipulates them in the same way. This process of photographing a drawing creates an interesting ambiguity about the true nature of the artwork.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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