Bright, Expressive Tattoos by Vince Parsons

A forearm tattoo of a stylized switchblade surrounded by flowers and skullsUntitled

Tattoo artist Vince Parsons works with both realistic and cartoon-like imagery to produce his bright, expressive tattoos. His works range from small and highly detailed single images to entire scenes complete with text pieces.


Vince Parsons' tattoo websiteTattoo examples on Vince Parson's website


A forearm tattoo of a stylized snake wrapped around a daggerUntitled

At Pharaoh tattoo studio in Kelowna, British Columbia, Vince works with his clients to create one-of a kind tattoo designs, often in brilliant, saturated colours. While his subject matter usually depends on the desire of his clients, it’s easy to see the artist’s own hand shining through in all of the designs. Vince’s expressive line-art is quite lovely, and his website contains several examples of tattoos that have not been coloured, where this aspect of the artistic process really shines. I also enjoy the pieces that have no drawn-in borders and instead have colours that appear like brushstrokes directly on the client’s skin.


A small tattoo of a poison dart frogFroggy

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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