Photorealistic Portraits and Drawings: Dave Wishart

A realistic drawing of a vintage pickup truck"NoJive" 55

Our featured artist for the day, Dave Wishart, is a gifted drawer who creates photorealistic portraits and drawings of motorcycles and other vehicles.


A drawing of a woman in the cockpit of a C-130 airplaneC-130


The front page of David Wishart's

I’m impressed by the level of detail in Dave’s drawings – in his portfolio he has several works focusing on military personnel and their equipment, including the inside of a cockpit complete with all of the hundreds of buttons, switches and dials. While it seems that his favourite subject is vehicles and other machines, Dave also explores other textures I his drawings, rendering fabrics beautifully, as well as drawing realistic portraits. His use of highlights on metal subjects captures the shine of such a surface in sunlight, this skill set translates into his portraiture as realistically textured hair, and lighting that emulates that of a professional photographic setting.


A drawing of a motorcycleVegas Nights

Visit Dave’s webpage,, for more images, as well as information about ordering prints or requesting a commission.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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