Hand-Dyed Clothing by Annabella Sardelis

A photo of a model wearing a hand-dyed blue and white tunicOrganic Shibori Tunic

Annabella Sardelis is a textile artist and creator of Indigo & Snow, a line of hand-dyed clothing and accessories made using a Japanese technique called shibori.


A hand-dyed blue and white handbagThe Weekender Bag


A screen cap of the shop on Indigo and Snow, Annabella Sardelis' websiteShop for clothing, housewares and more on indigoandsnow.com


Annabella has a background in printmaking, which she pursued before becoming a textile artist and most recently a fashion designer. Environmental conservation is something that Annabella takes very seriously - All of the designs available from Indigo & Snow use natural, water-based fabric dyes that are not harmful to the environment.


A photo of a model wearing hand-dyed purple and white leggingsHand Dyed Shibori Leggings (Amethyst)

The pieces available on Annabella’s webpage are organized by season, allowing you to see how her wearable art can function all year round. The blue dye she uses in her pieces is reminiscent of the sky, or of the ocean – furthering the environmental theme. I especially enjoy the pieces were Annabella incorporates pieces of brightly coloured fabric alongside the more washed-out tones of blue and white, creating a striking contrast.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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