Online Portfolio: Cynthia Paige Aaron

Collage of Bimbo the elephant and two astronauts

Bimbo Knows, Collage

"I have been drawing since I can remember; the only one in my family to do so.  Since the age of seven I have been aware of the mystical happenings in life. I have always been a strong dreamer, and the works of Carl Jung inspire me, especially his writings on synchronicity and the collective unconscious.The macabre and the absurd also inform my work, as well as city billboards, street signage, and graffiti."   --Cynthia Paige Aaron, Los Angeles, California.

Collage of a boy riding a rocketship

Wide Angle, Collage


Collage of a clown looking into a mirror and an astronaut

Dominick's Dream, Collage


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Written by: Eric Deis
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