Reality TV vs. Actual Art World

Kymia Nawabi crying


Kymia Nawabi's statements from her recent interview were endearing and funny in their honesty. I find artists are sometimes not willing to express the reality of their situation. They obscure their struggles and focus on their achievements. This leads to assumptions by their peers and public.  I recently read this interview from Hyperallergic with Kymia Nawabi who won the prize during the second season of the reality TV show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. It's been approximately 1.5 years since her big win. The prize was $100, 000.00 and a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.


"I AM THE FURTHEST THING FROM BEING FAMOUS. PERIOD. I am still waiting tables to pay my bills soooooo, I cannot answer what “fame” feels like to me because I do not know yet. I have had folks recognize me on the streets and in the subway, but by no means am I well known for my artwork."


Image source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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