Clear Tar Gel: Nothing Compares To It!

A tub of clear tar gel
Clear tar gel is an interesting medium that you can use when working with acrylic paint. When you go to the art supply shop and see that wall of mediums in uniform containers it's pretty hard to imagine that they are all so different. Sneaky mediums !


1. Clear tar gel is whitish when wet but dries clear, a property to many acrylic mediums.


2. This medium also self-levels, it levels out after being applied.

3. It has a glossy finish.

Art made with clear tar gelDrawing with clear tar gel

4. The best characteristic: it has a long "rheology" which means that it behaves a little like honey when you pour it from high up. It drizzles.  If you pour out a puddle of this medium you can drag lines into its surface that will hold this works best when the colour is mixed with a little more tar gel.



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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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