Kiln-Fired Glass by Laura Dawson

A glass jewelry pendant with a watercolour-like tree designTree 8B

Laura Dawson is an artist who works in glass to create beautiful pieces of art. Laura’s works often come in the form of jewelry, but she also produces a wide array of objects including small dishes, incense burners, and coasters – as well as glass that functions purely as art.


A collection of glass works on Laura Dawson's art websiteLaura Dawson's online gallery of glass

A glass bowl with a mosaic pattern on the insideMosaic Burst

Laura has perfected a technique of kiln-firing and etching that produces the unique designs on her glasswork. I really love the use of representational images – often trees, and in a more recent series, skydivers with parachutes open – in contrast with the abstract, gradient colours of glass. The jewelry pendants that Laura creates, figures silhouetted in front of bright splashes of colour, seem like fragments of a lovely sunset captured forever in a wearable capsule.


Laura displays a portfolio of her kiln-fired glass online, and also links to her Etsy store, where you can purchase one of the many pieces that she has up for sale.


A glass necklace pendant with a blue swirl patternVertigo

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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