Softly Stylized Drawings by Greg Dugan

A watercolour painting of palm trees at the beachLaguna Palms, watercolour

Greg Dugan uses watercolour, ink, pencil, and sometimes a mixture of these to create his realistic, yet softly stylized drawings. His subject matter is varied though he seems to have an affinity for florals – even in his few landscape images the sensibility for large, blooming petals comes out in palm trees instead.


I like Greg’s use of watercolour, I’ve always found it a difficult medium to work with and his skill with it is rather impressive. Watercolour pigment has a habit of pooling in certain, high-intensity spots on the paper, but Greg uses this phenomenon to his advantages, creating deep shadows in foliage and architecture, a contrast to the smooth, pale gradient of the sky.


A drawing of a lily, the flower suspended on a white backgroundYellow Lily #2, watercolour, coloured pencil, and graphite


Mixed media works by Greg Dugan on his portfolio websiteGreg Dugan's mixed media art portfolio

Greg’s floral works, composed in watercolour as well as coloured pencil and graphite, are invitingly smooth and clean while still retaining the detail and natural imperfection of the flower. Check out Greg’s website - - for more examples of his neat technique!


A detailed drawing of fruit for sale at an outdoor marketPike's Place Market, watercolour, pen and ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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