Creative Use of Textiles: Laura Keating

A small abstract sculpture in a shadowbox frameHoundstooth No.2, mixed media

The work of Laura Keating is at times soft and ethereal, at times humorous, and at times dark and heavy. As a trained textile artist, she exhibits creative use of textiles in a way that showcases an artist who plays around with style and tries not to get tied down into one particular mode of working.


A small fabric sculpture in a shadowbox frameMiniature No.1, 3-D stitching, natural fibres


Laura Keating's online portfolio

I really adore Laura’s Miniatures series, where she has taken small shadowbox frames and created bizarre sculptures within their confines. The sculptures are somehow geometric, despite being quite fluid in form. Using various media, Laura has used this series to create work that look almost like medical specimens, all of them slightly different but collected in neatly uniform containers.


In her sketchbooks, Laura’s process is hinted at, with pages featuring explorations into technique, texture and medium. These explorations, as well as Laura’s beautiful bundles of hand-dyed yarn, are available for viewing in her online portfolio.


An abstract sculptural image collaged over an animal x-rayLeaf, mixed media, animal x-ray

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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