Heavy, Defined Brushstrokes: Paintings by Edward Bear Miller

A painting of a woman walking with a boat in water in  the bacjground

Begoia Afloat, oil on canvas


Edward Bear Miller, our featured artist for today, is originally from Washington, D.C. He paints landscapes as well as figures and portraits in heavy, defined brushstrokes.


Lines and layers of colour and shadow appear on the surface of Edward’s paintings like the shadows of tree branches, overlapping and building forms. The brushstrokes themselves become parts of his landscapes, which are divided on his portfolio into different locales: north, south, and west. His portraits follow the same visual logic as his landscapes, with the curves and features of his subjects’ faces and bodies appearing out of large, individual strokes of paint.


Edward Bear Miller's paintings on his websiteNorthen Landscapes gallery on www.edwardbearmiller.com

An oil painting of an evergreen treelineDuskview, oil on canvas

I enjoy the way that Edward paints, in a style that captures the mood of a scene rather than rendering each detail in perfect realism. A shift in lighting or palette can change an image from somber to joyful, and Edward uses this knowledge to his advantage. Edward’s website, filled with more lovely images, is located at www.edwardbearmiller.com.


An oil painting of a bird flying in front of an old bridgeLandscape and Songbird (Paisaje y Pajarito), oil on linen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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