Renovating The Studio Into An Art Gallery

Before and after studio renovation


I recently created a gallery space within my studio so that I could host small openings in my studio space. It was a pretty minor renovation but it has created a great opportunity for showing clients my artwork in a professional space. 


If you have a large enough space this is a good idea as it sets a great tone in the space. I highly recommend it! I still have my messy area that is covered in paint, brushes and all the rest but now I can host small gatherings to entertain clients. The benefit of this over larger openings is that I get a chance to talk with each client about the work.


With the help of my friends we did the following to "spruce up" the space.


1. Fill holes in the wall

2. Sand walls 

3. Paint walls

4. Paint floors

5. Cover pipes with wood

6. Paint the wood coverings


One of the main assets to having this permanent exhibition space is that normally showing clients each piece of art takes a long time. I have to slide each piece out of the stack and prop it on the easel. This way much of the work can be viewed at one time and it cuts down of the amount of work that is in storage!

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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