Paintings that Entice the Senses: Michelle Marcotte

A still-life painting of a loaf of bread, butter, and jars of jamJam Maker's Reward, oil


A screen capture of Michelle Marcotte's websiteFood paintings on Michelle Marcotte's web portfolio

Michelle Marcotte paints in a colourful, bombastic style that I find works particularly well in her still-life works, where she renders food and flowers in brighter-than-life hues, creating paintings that entice the senses.


A painting of several types of flowers that have different meaningsTahleen and Robert's Garden, oil on canvas

Michelle works with a variety of subjects in her paintings, exploring portraiture and landscape as well as still life. I find her choice of subjects particularly interesting in her portraiture – she paints people in the midst of, as she puts it, “defining spaces and events.” Some more obvious examples in her portfolio include a portrait of a woman at her wedding, and at her prom. In other portraits, the “defining” nature of the moment is more subtle, or more of a personal interpretation by Michelle, knowing her subject. Nonetheless, it is interesting to look at portraits like these and know that the motivations behind them are more complex than merely capturing a face or an instance.


View all of these portraits and more on Michelle’s website:


A loose oil painting of a blue seascapeDusk on Ocean, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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