Creating Studio Storage For Large and Medium Paintings

Building studio storage for paintings
This year I created amazing studio storage for all of my large and medium sized canvases. No more artwork getting damaged! I had a friend build the storage unit for me so I can't take all the credit : ) I was finally ready to make the decision to build proper storage once I toppled a large leaning stack of canvas which resulted in one of them getting punctured. It was the last straw!


My friend who built the unit for me asked some great questions about how much room I wanted for each size of canvas. I was really pleased with the results. 


It was a great decision and had the following positive effects:


1. Work is safely stored and won't get damaged.

2. I can easily find any pieces I'm looking for since they are well organized and easy to identify from the side.

3. It is fast to retrieve and reshelf work during studio visits with clients.

4. I gained space in the studio.

5. I can easily put away every piece of artwork when I need to work on a large and messy piece that might cause paint splatters to go flying.

6. I feel more in control of my space and less likely to trip or knock something over!


If you have been thinking about doing building painting storage in your studio I can tell you that it has been life changing for me! It you are looking for some ready built options or inspiration here is another article that shows a few different storage systems:


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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