Paintings of the Irish Countryside by Dominic McNamara

An oil painting of two white cows in the shadeInto the Shade, oil on canvas

Dominic McNamara is a self-taught painter from Ireland. He paints with small, delicate brushstrokes, creating works of art that dazzle with tiny, intricate highlights and details.


Website screen capture of Dominic McNamara's paintingsPaintings of Ireland on Dominic McNamara's website

A painting of a view looking up at the Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge, oil on canvas

Dominic’s varied subject matter showcases his use of oil paint – on his website,, he has his artwork divided into several different galleries. Most prominent in Dominic’s body of work are his paintings of the Irish countryside. Many of these feature coastal landscapes, or images of livestock grazing in deep green, rolling hills. He also paints memorable places that he has traveled to, as well as more contemporary human subjects. I personally rather enjoy the small number of watercolours that Dominic has created. His use of that particular medium is charming and illustrative, with dark ink outlines solidifying the figures in space.


A simple watercolour of a wild flowerIrish Wild Flower, watercolour on paper

Perhaps most personal in Dominic’s portfolio are his charcoal and pencil drawings, many of them portraits of children that seem like family members, or figure studies where the artist’s hand becomes an obvious element of the piece.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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