Artists Use Wooden Blocks To Create Mural

mural made up of wooden blocks


It takes a creative mind to look at wooden blocks and think - "These will make a great horse." In this case it takes 2 creative minds as this is the collaborative result of Mexican artists Gabriela Chávez and Steffi Rocha. I admire the subdued palette because it calls attention to the simple forms of the blocks.I love the 3-d quality created by the different depths of the blocks - it gives the mural an added element that sets it apart from other mosaics. With shifts in light this piece would take on dramatic changes as the blocks cast varied shadows. Take a look at the simple materials that are available to you - can you see a horse or something as unusual? 

mural made of wooden blocks close up

box of wooden blocks
Image [1]

Image [2]

Image [3]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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