Fragmentary, Ethereal Work by Ellen Hunt

A collage with a single photo made ghostly with layers of gel mediumStatue, Anthropologie catalogue, other found images, gel medium, ink, graphite, chalk

San Francisco artist Ellen Hunt creates fragmentary, ethereal work that has the affect of old photographs found in attic boxes.


Ellen’s work has a personal centre that shows through a lot in her treatment of subject matter and materials. The idea of memory, past, and reflection runs deep through the artwork, while the vagueness of each subject allows the viewer to project their own individual responses and associations onto the piece. In her #102 series, Ellen uses the medium of Polaroid photography to document a space to which she presumably has personal ties. The photos in combination with small bits of writing read like a series of clues leading back to a very particular setting, an important moment in time.


Website of Ellen Hunt's photography#102 on

A polaroid photo of some illegible textVirginia, Polaroid 600 print


In her other collage work, Ellen uses various traditional mediums to displace magazine photographs from their original setting, and turn them into ghostly, mysterious images of people and places unknown.  More of this contemplative work is available on Ellen’s portfolio website:


A polaroid photo of a bathroom tiled floor5 1_, Polaroid 600 print

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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