An Exciting Collision: Artwork by Giuliana Grande

A primarily blue abstract painting with straight, geometric line artPrairie Lake Sky No. 8, oil and oil-based spray paint on canvas

The vividly colourful and formally packed paintings of Giuliana Grande draw my eye all across the surface – I find new details with every fresh viewing.  Giuliana’s abstract works create a visual space where geometry interacts with clouds of pure colour in an exciting collision.


I’m fascinated by Giuliana’s paintings – in particular those that combine small details with large splashes of colour. Giuliana also plays with scale in some of her works – while most of her paintings are moderately sized, she also has a series of works which are all on one foot square canvases. I find it really interesting to look through these works in succession, seeing the changes of form and colour on identical substrates.


Website gallery of Giuliana Grande's prairie paintingsPrairie Lake Sky series, a gallery on


A blue wall mural that is an abstraction of the Mona LisaMona I Love You, wall mural

I’m also quite taken by Giuliana’s incorporation of sewing – a process traditionally more associated with craft than fine arts - into her paintings. These small threads sewn through and across canvases affect the way the paint has fallen and add a bit of intricacy to the aesthetic.


A black and white, abstract drawing with line art that is mirroredMirrawr

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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